Printed shirts: Screen printing or Digital Printing?

Posted on January 4, 2012 by LogoAdmin2015

Screen printing is done with plastisol ink.  The process is somewhat manual and involves burning the image/artwork to be printed on to a film that is then transferred to a screen.  The ink is then brushed through the screen and then cured with a dryer at 300+ degrees.

Digital printing is a dye process through a machine operated by computer.  It squirts a dye onto the shirt and then is cured with a heat press at 350+ degrees.

Although both prints are permanent, screen printing is known to be more vibrant than digital printing.  You are also limited to light shirt colors with digital print because of the dye process.  It is ideal for a very small quantity of t-shirts and is cost effective for full color printing.  Screen printing is best suited for quantities of 12 or more garments and prices vary with amount of colors being printed.

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