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Posted on February 21, 2014 by LogoAdmin2015

threadEmbroidery is the supreme choice for embellishment on your shirts and uniforms for business.  With so many colors to choose from, embroidery will last far longer than the shirt itself.  Be sure your embroidery is done with a high quality poly neon thread for the best results.  Typically the logo will be embroidered on the left chest of your garment for best visibility.  Sometimes adding your website to the sleeve or back yoke of a shirt adds extra visibility and can drive traffic to your website or at least raise questions and conversations while out in the marketplace.  With performance fabric, 100%polyester, becoming more and more dominant in the logo’d apparel industry, be sure to know the proper way to wash and dry your shirts and uniforms.  You will want to avoid hot water when washing your dri-fit, moisture wicking polos and avoid the heat in the dryer.  Even with cotton fabrics, the heat will break down the fibers in the fabric reducing the durability and life of your garments.  Tshirt manufacturers design a t-shirt to last for 52 uses.  With special care of your clothing you can prolong the life of your shirts.  Avoiding heat exposure to your shirts will also help eliminate or prevent puckering around the logo you sometimes see on a shirt.  The heat shrinks the fabric creating the puckering and/or the tensions/settings on the embroidery machine can also make the stitch too tight causing puckering of material around the logo.  A type of backing is used with the shirt for embroidery.  It is placed beneath the fabric and used to create a better, stronger foundation for the embroidery.  Embroidery is priced on how long it takes the machine to sew it out.   If you are wanting embroidery on a full back of a shirt it will be less cost effective and one should consider screen printing.

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