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Merry Christmas!

Posted on 12/08/10 by LogoAdmin2015

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

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Promotional Product Survey

Posted on 11/15/10 by LogoAdmin2015

Pre-show promotional products produce more traffic to your exhibit.

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The value of a t-shirt.

Posted on 11/09/10 by LogoAdmin2015

T-shirts are a cost effective way to advertise.

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We are in the best economy ever!

Posted on 11/08/10 by LogoAdmin2015

Challenging economy makes us do things differently and better.

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Vehicle Graphics

Posted on 10/27/10 by LogoAdmin2015

Vehicle Graphics are a great way to advertise your business.

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Social Networking

Posted on 10/25/10 by LogoAdmin2015

Social networking is a good way to advertise your business.

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Digital Printing

Posted on 10/22/10 by LogoAdmin2015

Digital printing on tshirts.

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Trivia Question

Posted on 10/18/10 by LogoAdmin2015

Answer the trivia question correctly on our website under Contact Us and win a free tshirt! Offer ends when new blog is posted.

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Posted on 09/28/10 by LogoAdmin2015

If you have a logo, it must be digitized to embroider it on apparel.

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Who is your ideal client?

Posted on 06/22/10 by LogoAdmin2015

When it comes to marketing you should consider who your ideal client is.  They will have certain characteristics that will fit your target profile of prospects.  For example, our ideal client has the following characteristics: Recognizes the importance of branding Knows the value of advertising Can clearly identify their target market When my client has […]

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