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How to Choose the Right Logo for your Business.

Posted on 12/16/13 by LogoAdmin2015

Logos are are a big deal these days.  If branded well,  companies may gain their recognition primarily based on their logo.. Therefore, if a company wants to increase its exposure with the public, it has to design its logo in a very effective and skillful manner.  Some major brands these days are recognizable just from […]

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American Boss Lady – New Private Label – New Ladies Apparel

Posted on 12/27/12 by LogoAdmin2015

Working in the logo’d apparel industry for over 8 years, we found that more women in business were asking for more style in their clothing, specifically, shirts. If they had to wear a corporate shirt with a logo, why can’t it at least have more style? Does it have to be a polo? They demanded […]

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Care Instructions of Clothing

Posted on 05/15/12 by LogoAdmin2015

How to make your t-shirts last longer.

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Our Customers are treated like V.I.P.’s

Posted on 11/02/11 by LogoAdmin2015

We treat every customer the same.

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Digital Printing

Posted on 10/22/10 by LogoAdmin2015

Digital printing on tshirts.

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Colors affect your marketing.

Posted on 03/19/10 by LogoAdmin2015

The colors you use in your marketing play an important role in motivating people.  Colors stimulate emotion and generate positive and negative reactions.  Be sure to choose your colors wisely and consider their meaning to prospects.

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